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Donna M. Davis, the owner of The Village Scribe has more than 25 years of expertise crafting resumes and cover letters for individuals from a wide variety of professions and levels of experience. She is well versed in the development of chronological, functional, targeted, and alternative formats, including , but not limited to, the following areas:


outside and retail sales • marketing • management • merchandising • banking • investment •

technical trades • teaching • corporate training • childcare • government • military •  law enforcement •

• accounting • office administration • clerical • information technology • manufacturing • distribution •

logistics • construction • project management • real estate • healthcare • pharmaceutical • social services •

human resources • recreation • nuclear •  environmental • safety • engineering • food service • hospitality •

 customer service  public relations • fund raising • advertising • radio and television • internships •


“The Village Scribe has a reputation for creating resumes that have a customized, professionally typeset appearance.”

Donna's use of words is precise and powerful due to her multidimensional background as a seasoned educator, writer, desktop publisher, and typesetter. A consummate professional, she knows the value of listening to clients and working closely with them to determine the optimal course of action. She holds a Master of Science degree in Education and a New York State teaching certification in English. Donna has taught composition and process of writing at the secondary level and business communication and writing at the post-secondary level. As a resume coordinator for Syracuse University Printing Services, she was one of the pioneers in the electronic typesetting field.


“Resumes and cover letters at The Village Scribe are strategically written. We consider the specific needs of each customer and deal effectively with challenging situations such as layoffs, terminations, fragmented job histories, and radical career transitions.”


Donna has received referrals from entire families because of their positive experiences and success in securing interviews with potential employers. On the other hand, she has collaborated with corporate employers to provide resumes for their staff members during layoffs and downsizings.


“Throughout its many years of business operation, The Village Scribe has been dedicated to offering the finest service at affordable prices. When you contact The Village Scribe, you will learn that the price structure is quite reasonable. Most importantly, the quality outshines resumes that are often twice as costly because The Village Scribe completes work in a time-sensitive manner but does not ‘rush’ out resumes or cover letters at the expense of accuracy, substance, and appearance.”


The resumes and cover letters developed by The Village Scribe are designed to capture and hold the attention and interest of prospective employers. What follows are the services provided to resume clients:


  Thorough and insightful interviews of customers in person, by e-mail or phone to gather pertinent
     information and determine the strategy for each resume and cover letter.

Timely resume and cover letter writing that emphasizes accomplishments and contributions.

  A choice of attractive, attention-getting resume layouts and cutting edge designs.

Exit interview in person, by e-mail or phone to give clients an opportunity for input and control of final copy.

Creation of Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files for e-mailing. 

  Assistance for clients who wish to improve existing resumes and cover letters on their own.

  Follow-up and thank you letters.




What clients are saying about our resume and cover letter services:


“You did a resume for me last year around this time. I want to thank you again. I got the job . . . I was wondering if you can do a resume for my husband.” Amy B.


I accepted the position I was seeking and have been there for about a month. Your time, effort, and expertise redesigning my resume with a qualifications summary certainly got the attention of the search committee.” Lynn H.
“I did get the position and wanted to extend my thanks for the great looking work you did for me. I will certainly give your name out to those in need as I am so very pleased.” Linda S.  

"I am a loyal client of The Village Scribe and value Donna Davis’s skills and insight. Her resumes and cover letters have assisted in my ongoing professional career development."  Robert F.  

"I really must thank The Village Scribe from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding work on my resume. I feel that the resume has opened doors for me with prospective employers." Tim C.


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